What is a Paylink?

With a Paylink, you can quickly and easily offer your customers an online payment option.

Quick and easy with Paylink

A payment link refers to a link that can be sent or shared with your customers in various ways to quickly direct them to the payment process.

The payment link is especially beneficial for those who want to receive the specified amount in a simple way.

With just one click and filling in the requested data, the customer can easily pay.

Setting up the Paylink does not require any programming knowledge and can therefore be set up without further ado.


What payment links are useful for

If you do not have an online store or card terminal and do not have access to other payment methods, the Paylink is optimal for you!

Save effort and time and send a payment link so the recipient can pay before picking up the goods.

Furthermore, physical contact with cash is prevented when a Paylink is used.

Making a link with a certain amount or validity time limit can be easily created. This makes it easier to pay and receive the transaction.


Accept online payments even without a website

Online Payments made easy for your customers: Use Payrexx Paylink and an individual payment page.

Types of payment links

Payment links can be used to allow recipients to complete the following online transactions:

One time

The payment link can reach the recipient once in various ways. With one click, the customer is redirected to the payment process.


The specified amount is reserved on the credit card, but has a defined expiration date. The card can be charged only once.


The amount can be charged at any time, but will not be reserved on the credit card. The card can be charged several times.


With certain payment providers, your customers can also make subscription payments.

You and your customers will receive a confirmation after successful payment.


Remind your customers of the payment

For example, if the customer has not yet paid after 30 days, you can automatically have the payment request sent again and you will have the possibility to define a specific interval..


How does the Paylink work?

In just a few steps you can create and send your own Paylink or send it via your social media channels.


Create Paylink

The Paylink tool can be set up quickly and easily. In the process, you can prepare the Paylink according to your ideas. You determine the price and write the message to be sent.


Send Paylink

The Paylink is ready and can be copied. You can freely decide how the link will reach your customers. You can send it via SMS, social media channels, WhatsApp, email or other ways.


Receive Paylink

Your customers immediately proceed to the payment process. There they enter their data, choose the desired payment method and you will receive your money quickly and safely.

Integrate the Payrexx Paylink into your Business Processes

Do you need incoming payments in your accounting system? Easily create webhooks to communicate with third-party systems. You can also create payment requests completely via API - directly from your system.


Payrexx Paylink for every use case

The Payrexx Paylink can be used in many different ways and is therefore suitable for companies from various industries, whether travel providers, authorities, sports clubs or others.

Sell products and services - without webshop

You don't have a webshop or other payment options? Simply send a Paylink and let your customers pay online.

Example of a stationery shop:

1. A stationery shop receives orders from various customers by telephone.

2. Since sending invoices by mail involves more effort, a Paylink is generated and sent to the corresponding order.

3. The customer is forwarded to the payment page, fills in the required data and makes the payment.

4. The customer receives a confirmation that the payment has been received. The stationery also receives a message that the transaction was successful.


Insert Paylink on social media channels

Quickly and easily send the Paylink via your social media channels!

Example of a yoga course:

1. A yoga course is offered that requires additional members.

2. The customer receives a message on Facebook with the Paylink attached.

3. With a single click on the link, the customer is redirected to the payment system.

4. The person in charge of the yoga course receives the confirmation of the successful payment and now knows that the course has been paid for.


Offer fast payment methods with Paylink

After an incoming order, you need to quickly deliver a payment option to the customer? Copy prepared Paylinks and send them within minutes.

Example of a restaurant:

1. A restaurant receives an order for a pizza by phone. The customer's email address or phone number is noted.

2. Since the restaurant has already prepared several Paylinks for various dishes, the Paylink can simply be copied and sent.

3. Within a very short time, the customer receives the Paylink by mail, SMS or WhatsApp and can easily pay for the order.

4. When picking up the pizza, no time is wasted and the pizza can be received quickly without cash being involved in the payment process.


Optimal payment request for hotels and tourism

For hotels, the Paylink is an ideal tool to receive payments from the customers. After booking, the Paylink can be sent immediately and the customer can make the payment directly.

Example of a hotel:

1. A family decides to go on vacation and books a room together. The hotel receives the message of the booking, generates the link and sends it.

2. The family has left the email address when booking and so the Paylink can simply be sent to the correct email address.

3. Since Payrexx offers over 200 international currencies, the link can be adjusted so that the family can pay with their desired currency.