Payrexx for Stripe

The Payrexx extension for Stripe - Use the Payrexx tools to sell your products! Stripe suports the payment process.

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Sell products through the Payrexx tools

With Payrexx, existing Stripe customers can start immediately and sell their products and services through all online channels. Activate Stripe as a payment service provider in your Payrexx account and immediately start selling via simple e-commerce tools such as one page shop, payment link and virtual POS.


Payments via Stripe

After you sold your products and services conveniently through the Payrexx e-commerce tools, Stripe does the rest. Stripe continues to make sure that the money is securely transferred to your bank account after the customer's payment. This happens within a few days.


Accepting payments is fast & easy

Payrexx and Stripe are easy to connect

Activate Stripe in Payrexx

Activate Stripe in your Payrexx account. You can achieve this with just a few clicks. If you do not have a Stripe account yet, you can create one directly through Payrexx.

Choose payment methods

Choose your preferred payment methods and currencies.

Sell with Payrexx tools

Use the Payrexx tools to sell your products and services. Stripe ensures that the funds are transferred to your bank account in a timely manner.

Manage payments

In your Payrexx account you will find an overview of all transactions and customers. So you can always keep track.

Payrexx Benefits

Why Payrexx is the best solution for you

Fast & simple

You can sell your products and services within minutes with Payrexx.

Efficient tools

Benefit from the various Payrexx tools. Sell your products through all channels.

One-time and recurring payments

With Payrexx, both one-time and recurring payments can be received.

Individual design

You can customize the design of any Payrexx tool.

International cards

In addition to the Stripe payment methods, you can connect other ones as well.

Optimized for mobile devices

Payrexx allows your customers to donate with any device such as desktop, mobile phone, tablet etc.